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Founded in 2005 in order to unite anxiety sufferers with anxiety specialists and clinics in their geographic area. Since the Internet is trending towards local searches and niche markets the website was setup to capitalize on these changing times. Our premium domain name has allowed us to easily rise to the number 1 keyword position for a host of keywords including "anxiety clinics", "anxiety specialists", and "anxiety treatment", as well as thousands of area specific keywords. Revenue has historically been from therapists listing their practice on the website. Originally we charged monthly to list a therapists, but have since changed our fee structure to a yearly listing fee. The marketing strategy has been direct email marketing from a list of approximately 14 thousand emails. Our website has a huge potential for growth now that the foundation has been established. Any potential buyers need only to purchase an email list from one of the countless email marketing firms to further grow the business and reach new clients. Other marketing avenues we have yet to tap into include direct mail as well as magazine advertising such as Psychology Today. Statistically we have converted approximately 30 percent of all psychologists we have marketed to. This statistic has not taken into account the fact that a percentage of psychologists we have marketed to do not treat anxiety conditions and hence would not join the website for that fact alone. Based on past performance and future outlooks in the field of anxiety treatment, this website could easily become the main Internet resource for anxiety sufferers.

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online website

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Brad Yeager

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