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$ 2,300,000
$ 810,043
$ 1,542,493
, OR
For sale is a unique data/CPA company monetizing multiple aspects of data and CPA business currently focused on BizOp, Auto Insurance, and Life Insurance niches. What started as an experiment a few years ago grew organically to include multiple d  ...

$ 180,000
$ 60,206
$ 60,832
, NH
For sale is a unique video effect app for iPhones. The app mainly targets users between 20 to 30 years old, who are looking to have fun and disconnect from their daily routine. By listening to their users the owner has consistently increased their tr  ...

For sale is a 4.5 year old, stable portfolio of Android apps with over 137 million downloads and 2.2mm DAU. In the last 12 months the portfolio has generated 450 million ad impressions and 167 mission total sessions. The portfolio contains lots o  ...

For sale is a high quality, well-crafted photo editing app created in 2013. The app was created with the goal of being easy to use for the average person. The creators did not want to skimp on the features so the app was created with the functions of  ...

$ 600,000
$ 191,640
$ 405,315
, MA
For sale is a B2B software platform product in the binary options market. The platform is sold to brokers (financial institutions, banks, forex brokers, binary brokers, binary start-ups) so they can offer binary options as a product to their retail c  ...

$ 200,000
$ 89,000
, NH
For sale is an app which aggregates all your music libraries and streaming platforms. The app is free and offers smart features such as the Artist info, Videos, static Lyrics with translation, Karaoke, Scores and Blind-test function. The Gamification  ...

For sale is an iOS app with almost 6 million downloads and that currently gets 2,398 downloads/day. The app is quite simple, but users love it! (The specific app and niche is only available with a signed NDA) The app has been in the App Store sin  ...

$ 600,000
$ 312,240
$ 325,608
, NH
For sale is an established app portfolio with over 60,000,000 downloads and consistent revenue dating back several years. The portfolio primarily consists of Unity 3D games built with source code developed in-house. No marketing, downloads are all or  ...

$ 2,000,000
$ 502,987
$ 1,507,148
, TN
For sale is an eCommerce business focused on automotive pet supplies that was established in January 2015. The primary target market is pet owners and the business focuses on giving customers all they need in their vehicle to take their pet on the ro  ...

$ 73,000
$ 29,838
$ 73,178
, CA
For sale is an eCommerce site and brand started in 2005, providing women's accessories targeting a very specific niche market group with chapters across the U.S. and worldwide. The eCom store sells items related to celebrating the organization, with  ...

$ 345,000
$ 115,729
$ 649,814
, WA
For sale is a niche fashion retail eCommerce drop-shipping business in highly loyal niche that was was started on 8/10/2016. This niche is a popular style of design and fashion that combines historical elements with anachronistic technological featur  ...

$ 600,000
$ 169,855
$ 170,005
, CA
For sale is a lifestyle/utility app that helps users sleep. The app has been live on iOS since 2013 and Google since 2014. The app has generated a total of 1,414,000 downloads (877,000 on iOS and 542,000 on Google). The owners do not track DAU or  ...

$ 275,000
$ 99,573
$ 213,047
, TX
For sale is one of the first mobile app marketing companies in this niche. They provide proven, tested app marketing strategies to help clients reach their goals. Whether clients have a game, business, social or other app, this business can help t  ...

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