Signal 88 Securit Group

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About This Franchise Opportunity

A Growth Opportunity

The security services industry, currently $31 billion in annual sales revenues, is a growing market and future growth is projected in double-digit percentages. The security guard and patrol services sectors of the industry realized a 62 percent increase in annual sales revenue growth from 1997 to 2002, representing a growth of 12.4 percent per year. All other sectors of the security industry realized an average growth of 8.9 percent in annual sales revenue. Security guard and patrol services represent 48 percent of all services within the security industry.1 Future projections for employment of security guards are positive as well, with expected grow of 17 percent annually in a ten year period between 2006 and 2016. This employment projection is higher than that for all occupations.2 The security market is dominated by large, international security companies. These organizations have large bureaucracies with many local, regional, national, even global management structures. Contrast this with local, smaller, independent security companies specializing in niche areas of the industry. These businesses have limited market appeal, generally with limited numbers of accounts. Since large companies have large, inefficient infrastructures, new technologies that they would greatly benefit from can not be easily adopted or deployed. As a result, the way they do business, supporting their staff and customers, has changed very little over the last few decades. Smaller companies on the other hand, generally fail to have budget for, recognize or embrace technology that would help streamline business practices and enable them to provide a higher quality security service. Signal 88 Security Group was created to bridge the gap between the large inefficient security company and the small, local security shop. Signal 88 Security provides a superior security services offering through the utilization of the latest technology and a management process with inherent efficiencies and capabilities powered by this technology; none of it available to or used by the competition. This approach is unique in the industry and provides a competitive edge for the success of all Signal 88 Security Franchises. The Signal 88 Security Franchise Group performs research and generates a marketplace packet identifying the factors in your city that determine the viability of a successful security operation in your area. We fully evaluate your market, as well as its need for security services; for example, the business market, the residential market, areas of affluence, national account appeal, and the government contract opportunities. When completed, the research fully provides an analysis of whether or not a Signal 88 Security Franchise would be successful in your area.
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