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FAQs for Broker

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How do I list my businesses on your site?

If you’re a professional Business Broker specializing in buying or selling businesses and would like to list your businesses on BuyTradeBiz; please complete the registration process. You will then have an account with BuyTradeBiz. This will allow you to sign into your account where you can either upload your listings or enter them individually.

What are the costs of registering as a Broker?

The costs of advertising on BuyTradeBiz vary, depending on your country, the number of businesses you are looking to list and whether you wish to have a Standard or Featured Account. If you go to the registration page for Brokers, the service and amounts are listed clearly.

Changing or updating account details?

In order to change or update your account details you will need to sign in to your account with your username and password. Once you’ve signed in you can track and maintain your listings, update your details and/or upgrade your account.

How effective is BuyTradeBiz?

Thousands of buyers search these sites daily looking for a business to buy. Your business listings will appear on BuyTradeBiz, providing you access to local, national and international business buyers. We use social media to help advertise your listings and increase traffic to our site and your listings.