BuyTradeBiz Privacy Policy


Our Privacy Pledge

At BuyTradeBiz, we take measures to protect each consumer's privacy, including but not limited to all personal and financial information. This Privacy Policy is intended to detail our measures for regulating the use of online information collected or submitted on the website.


What Information We Gather and How It's Used

We understand our consumers' concerns about privacy and confidentiality, especially when buying or selling businesses. As a means of increasing our consumers' confidence and protecting their information, BuyTradeBiz collects only the minimum of information needed to place a business listing, inquire about a business for sale, and purchase materials and services. The different types of personal information we gather throughout our website are detailed below. When browsing businesses for sale, reading buyer's resources, or searching for franchises, you are not required to input any personally identifiable information. Any search parameters entered are not saved by BuyTradeBiz.

We do not use the information we collect as a marketing tool, nor do we use it to analyze or predict consumers' buying behaviors. We do not use data obtained from other sources, such as credit checks, third-party market research, or other supplemental information.

The main function of BuyTradeBiz is to provide business buyers and sellers with a forum for searching and posting business listings. To achieve this, we must post some of the information you provide on our public website, although personal data like your email address and credit card information will not be displayed and will always be kept strictly confidential. That said, our various forms allow business buyers and sellers to include their email addresses, as well as other contact information like names and phone numbers, in their public postings if they would like.


Posting a Business for Sale

When submitting a business listing for publication on our website, users are required to enter certain information into a form. Email addresses are required in order to receive inquiries from potential buyers and notifications from BuyTradeBiz. We also require that you enter a credit card number to pay for submission of the listing. BuyTradeBiz also requests details about the business you're selling. With the exception of your email address, password, and financial data, all information about your business will be displayed publicly on our website for browsing and searching by potential buyers. Information regarding your business, including details such as asking price, gross income, and cash flow, will also be included in email notifications sent to subscribed buyers and in our broker's database. You are free to remove your posting from our public database at any time; after it has been deleted, it will no longer be visible to those on our website. BuyTradeBiz never shares your email address and credit card information with any third parties other than the financial institution responsible for verifying the charge for your posted listing.


Secure Account Sign-Ins

In order to log into your account, we require that you provide an email address and password. This combination will always be kept completely confidential and will never be shared with any outside parties. If you ever wish to change your email address or password, you can sign into your account to make the change. If you forget your email address or password, BuyTradeBiz provides a link for you to retrieve it.


Email Notifications

For users who subscribe to our free email notifications of businesses for sale, we request the email address to which the notification should be sent, as well as details about the type of businesses that should be included. Email addresses are always kept confidential and are not shared or sold with any third parties.

Users can unsubscribe from email notifications at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of the email. Your email address and preferences will then be removed from our database. BuyTradeBiz may also cancel subscriptions if an email address is determined to be invalid.


Inquiring About a Business Listing

When you choose to send an inquiry to a business seller through BuyTradeBiz, we send your question directly to the seller. No communications will be shared with any outside parties.


Email Correspondence

If you send an email to BuyTradeBiz, we use your return email address to respond. Your email address is never distributed to any third parties. Occasionally, we may use your email address to contact you with any important service notifications that may affect your account.


Storing Cookies

A cookie is a small, informational text file that is placed on a user's computer to identify that unique consumer. The cookie is created the first time you visit your website, and is used on subsequent visits to determine which advertisements are displayed to you. Our advertisers may also place cookies on users' computers to determine how many people view their ads.

BuyTradeBiz publishes links to third-party websites, such as the websites of businesses being sold, the personal websites of brokers, and resources for those buying or selling a business. When you click one of these links to visit an external website, any material viewed or obtained on that site is not regulated by BuyTradeBiz.

Additionally, third-party websites may feature banners or links to BuyTradeBiz to view or post businesses for sale or to sign up for email notifications. Any cookies used by these external websites are not controlled by or affiliated with BuyTradeBiz.


Logging Website Traffic

BuyTradeBiz monitors the flow of online visitors by collecting the IP addresses of the computers that access our site. This information is not affiliated with any personally identifiable information, but is used to give us a snapshot of how often, how long, and in what way users access our website.


Information Sharing

On occasion, BuyTradeBiz may provide our affiliates with general statistics about the volume of traffic that visits our website or clicks on certain advertisements, although we do not provide any personally identifying information about our users.

We use a third-party credit card processing company to verify all financial transactions. Credit card numbers and personal information are used only to authorize any charges for placing a business listing.

On the rare occasion that a court order requires it, BuyTradeBiz may provide personally identifiable information to comply with certain laws. We may also use such information in the event that a user has violated an agreement with us or infringed upon the rights, safety, or property of other users.


Securing Users' Data

BuyTradeBiz has taken comprehensive measures to ensure that our users' data is not wrongfully accessed, misused, or misrepresented. All collected information is carefully safeguarded.

On pages that request financial information, such as a credit card number, all data entered by the user is encrypted by SSL (Secure Socket Layers), a security protocol that is widely accepted throughout the industry. No credit card information can be intercepted or deciphered during the ordering process.

Only essential employees have access to our users' personally identifiable information. All members of the BuyTradeBiz staff are kept fully informed and adhere to our privacy policy.


Links to Other Websites

BuyTradeBiz contains outgoing links to external websites, such as the websites of specific businesses for sale, business brokers' personal websites, and other affiliate sites. When you click on any of these links, you are taken outside of the BuyTradeBiz website, and any information you provide to these third-party sites is not controlled or monitored by BuyTradeBiz. To prevent abuse or misuse of your information, we strongly recommend that you review each third party's privacy policy to determine how they collect and use visitors' information.


Protecting Childrens' Privacy

At BuyTradeBiz, we utilize stringent measures to protect the privacy of children. We do not knowingly collect or use information from any visitor under the age of 13.


Accessing or Modifying Your Information

At any time, you can view or change the details of your profile or business posting by following the Edit links posted on our site. Sensitive information is always password-protected, requiring you to enter your email address and password in order to access it.

It may take one to two business days before updates made to a business posting are reflected on our website. Deleted business postings are removed immediately from our online database, although they may be archived for a period of time for record-keeping purposes.

BuyTradeBiz uses your credit card number to process the one-time setup fee required to post a business listing, and to process any future renewals. Certain subscriptions, such as Broker Central memberships, may be renewed each month using the original credit card information.


Service Notifications

BuyTradeBiz uses your email address to send notifications related to your account and/or your business postings, including ad confirmations, credit card charge receipts, and service announcement updates. We may also contact the user via email or phone to verify account information or actions. Users can unsubscribe from service announcements at any time.


Notification of Changes to the Privacy Policy

By using our website to buy or sell businesses, you agree to the terms of our collection and use of information. If future updates are made to the way we collect, use, and/or disclose users' information, an updated privacy policy will be posted on our website immediately. If our updated policy changes the way we use the personally identifiable information we have collected at an earlier date, we will notify users via email.


How to Contact Us

If you have any questions about the information provided in this privacy policy, you can contact BuyTradeBiz by phone or email.